One Room Schoolhouse

Zippitty Do-Don’t

Volume 1   Issue 5 by Michael Connor, President In the two hundred year evolution of sheathing for houses, we’ve gone from boards to plywood to OSB (oriented strand board) and the latest entry, water-resistant treated OSB. The latter is sold as the ZIP-WALL System (a roof sheathing version is also available) and is marketed…

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How Round Are Your Square Feet?

Volume 1   Issue 4 by Michael Connor, President & Founder   The professionals in the residential building world love to toss around formulae relating to every aspect of the construction process, from building costs to financing, and the most common denominator in these calculations is unmistakably the square foot.  It’s the one piece of…

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Classical Gaffes

Common Design Errors to Avoid in Traditional Architecture Volume 1   Issue 3 by Michael Connor, President Designing the “New Old House” requires the application of countless architectural principles that relate to the period and style being attempted, but there are some general rules that can be universally applied, and here are a few of what…

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Optimum Value Engineering: A Payback in Wooden Nickels

Volume 1   Issue 2 by Michael Connor, President Since the first energy crisis in the nineteen-seventies, and with the more recent advent of green building technology focused on resource conservation, a push has been ongoing to build “smarter” by using less. The premise has been that by removing superfluous framing from the building by…

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Scale and Proportion in Classical Architecture

Volume 1   Issue 1 by Michael Connor, President Making a new house look old requires an adherence to old-style scale and proportion. For me, proper scale and proportion are the freebies in architectural design because they cost nothing and give so much. But you have to know what they are. It would be convenient…

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