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After many years of working with developers I came to the realization that the vast majority of developers are good at navigating the complexities of permitting that secures the local authorization to go ahead and start selling building lots and homes, but not skilled at all with what is required to launch a successful development, post-permitting. Many developments suffer from the misguided marketing efforts of developers who have no experience in the marketing side of an equation that must pitch the unique qualities of the project being offered to the public. In fact, most developers don’t even know how to separate themselves out from their competition, and since most or all of their competition suffers from the same lack of vision, they all end up competing with each other so that price per square foot becomes the defining characteristic for each, not exactly a winning formula for any developer.

Our company is uniquely qualified to offer the six things essential to a successful marketing of a development:

THEME: Because of our long experience in historic architectural design, and because most developments that we work with in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region and beyond lend themselves to an historic theme, our experience and knowledge allows us to cultivate an appropriate historic context from which all marketing will flow.

MARKETING COLLATERAL: In addition to a national brand that singles out our company as being the rare exception to common and mundane residential design and building efforts, we also own and make available to our development partners a vast array of photography and plans with which we can support the historic theme we’ve developed for each project.

CREDIBILITY: The high profile that we promote for each project requires a level of credibility that, as a marketing partner, we are able to support through our name and brand recognition. Many of our developers recognize this advantage to them by actually declaring their project an exclusive Connor Mill-Built Homes development.

DESIGN: Because our company already owns its own designs, a partnering developer has no up-front costs for these valuable design assets. By using our designs in the initial marketing launch, the opportunity to start building in a development with pre-sold contracts is greatly increased, thereby reducing or eliminating the liability of unsold housing stock.

MANUFACTURING CAPABILITY: Our company not only owns the design collateral but also provides the manufactured home packages to the developer thereby controlling costs and schedule far better than more conventional construction methods.

BUILDING EXPERTISE: Our company has built over six hundred homes, some of which were built in our own developments, giving us a level of expertise in both construction knowledge and skill, and in development infrastructure experience that developers can rely on.

Our company has no competitor who could compile a list like the above that is based on the depth of experience and knowledge that is unique to our company. That is why we have already been successful with this relatively new campaign to partner with developers (over $100 million for the next five years), three of whom have already signed letters of intent to partner with us in the launching of their developments, and we have a number of others who have expressed their keen interest in exploring how their projects can realize a most auspicious start using our company’s product and accompanying marketing efforts. Our role is to provide ongoing marketing and construction expertise to entrepreneurs who recognize the incredible value that our company can offer them.