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Burnt Mill Settlement has, by virtue of its location and its unique and intriguing history, an opportunity to create artistic value that will set it apart from all others. Our company, Connor
Mill-Built Homes with its own unique history and well-established brand and capabilities, is singularly positioned to help capture the all-important distinction that can define Burnt Mill Settlement as even more than a resort and golf destination, but also a community built upon a sensitivity to its own historic roots and defining historical events.

The fact that Burnt Mill refers to the three sawmills, all built on the same spot on the property,
and all burnt to the ground, the first one becoming the victim of the Indian wars pre-dating the American revolution, already affords a historical context unlike any other in which to weave a story worthy of the struggle and legacy of the earliest settlers in America. The struggle on this particular piece of early American ground was profoundly repeated in the three sawmill burnings over hundreds of years and marked the relentless pursuit to establish a community despite the harsh and repeated setbacks. The legacy of those struggles might well be that a community is finally built at Burnt Mill, with architectural integrity and continuity worthy of the prior attempts to accomplish the same worthy goal.

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