The building process at Connor Mill-Built Homes makes it possible for our customers to stay focused on the fun and exciting prospect of building a new home while we deal with the more mundane aspects of costing, permitting and code review.

Our process is simple. A client typically comes to us with an idea for a new home that may have come from our catalog, or may be an amalgamation of inspirations from many sources. It may even be just a narrative description of what is wanted in a new home. Our experienced design team takes over from there, and our long-term expertise in construction logistics allows us to address these issues while the client continues to concentrate on the creative side.



The Connor Mill-Built Package

Our houses begin to take shape with the initial plan design. Once the plan goes to production, a highly detailed set of shop drawings is produced that not only contain the information required by our shop team, but also all of the calculation and design modifications needed to accommodate the many reproduction details that will take place later at the site. We also draw large-scale details depicting the exact layout of cornices, rake soffits, entrances, etc, so that nothing is left to chance in the field. Many of these elements are actually built in our shop. We build stud frame wall panels sheathed with plywood, with all door and window openings in place, and interior walls are pre-built in the shop. We cut rafters and rafter tails to receive our special trim. These materials are then delivered to the job site.

A local contractor then takes over to erect the shell of the house including interior partitions, all exterior trim work, and roofing and siding installation. We also sell our complete package to other builders or directly to the homeowner, who then assumes the construction of the shell. At all times we have staff on hand to answer any building questions you may encounter while erecting one of our packages. Our plans are clear and concise, and we take pride in the fact that our shop builds a quality product, with great precision and care.

  1. Exploratory
  • Review our Portfolio for inspiration
  • Begin financial discussions with a lender, and purchase land
  • Set a budget to include cost of land and site work
  • Meet with a Connor Mill-Built Homes Sales Associate
  • Receive a Connor Mill-Built Homes Package Quote
    Timeline: varies by client

  1. Schematic Design
  • Choose an existing plan and move directly to Deposit, or...
  • Place a Design Retainer and work with a Connor Homes Design Team Project Manager on plan development
  • Receive a Schematic Design Package and Quote
     One Month

3. Design Development

  • Make final modifications to the designSubmit the permitting application
  • Complete construction and foundation plans
  • Secure financing
  • Place deposit on Connor Mill-Built Homes package
  • Sign Connor Mill-Built Homes Contract
    Timeline: 1-2 Months

  1. Contract
  • At Connor Mill-Built Homes: Framing and exterior trim packages are built and stored safely until the site is ready for materials delivery.
  • At The Site: Excavation, installation of utilities and foundation, and management of other necessary site preparation is complete.Timeline: 1-2 Months

  1.  Construction
  • At Connor Mill-Built Homes: Finish package is built and stored safely until the home is ready.
  • At The Site: The shell is erected followed by exterior trim, and the house is made weather tight. Installation of insulation, masonry, mechanicals, electrical and dry wall, etc. are completed.
     3-6 Months

  1. Completion
  • At The Site: Trim, flooring, cabinetry and built-ins are installed, and the house is painted.
    Timeline: 1-2 Months