We have always designed our homes with an understanding that the more cost-efficient we make them, the more opportunities we will have to build them. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find how affordable our reproduction homes are. While it is true that the special entryways, window treatments and mouldings that we use in our designs are more costly than the standard materials found in most new homes, it is also true that the scale, proportion and overall balance of the design cost only the knowledge it takes to incorporate them into our homes. Furthermore, while older homes were built using the post and beam method of construction, we use the more modern platform framing in our designs which is far more efficient in terms of materials and labor. We do, however, modify our framing where necessary to accommodate reproduction details. Lastly, our houses are designed to make maximum use of floor space, as wasted floor space is additional cost that can be eliminated by good design.

Our product is a panelized shell package, which is erected on site by the owner’s contractor. We supply all plans including foundation plans. Our shell package includes pre-cut floor systems, panelized walls, pre-cut rafters, roofing, siding, windows, doors, and all exterior architectural mill work. Our “Builders Guide” companion booklet explains in detail what is included in our shell package and provides step-by-step instructions for erecting one of our homes.

We also offer, as an additional option, an interior package, which can be a few selected architectural elements such as mantles, stairs and built-ins, or a complete interior including custom built kitchens, flooring, doors, mouldings, etc.

We can help guide you through the various stages of planning and building a home so that your building experience will be an enjoyable and rewarding one.


If you do not see a floor plan in our catalog that meets your needs, please feel free to let us know what it is you want in a floor plan. We can either arrange the space within one of our existing plans or design from scratch to meet your requirements. With every change we will assess the Impact on the proportions and details of the home, ensuring your changes still result in the reproduction home you originally turned to us to design for you.

While we do not charge for estimating a house, we do charge for the architectural design time that may be required for a custom house. Our emphasis is to get to the estimating stage as quickly as possible so we only do the minimum. Once you engage us to construct your house with a 10% deposit, there is no further design or drafting fees, as construction drawings are included in our house pricing. (Please note: Connor Mill-Built Homes reserves the right to charge additional design and drafting fees for those projects that significantly alter the original intent of the plan or take a new architectural direction that requires additional design time).

Modifications to our stock plans can often be priced without additional drafting. Examples of such modifications are mirror imaging, adding or deleting a garage or porch, and/or moving interior walls and or room partitions.

It is worth noting that the absolute best way to have a Connor Mill-Built Home built for you at the lowest possible cost is to take a home from our catalog or from plans we have on file of other homes we have already designed and built. That way you have no cost in schematic or production design fees as that design work already exists.



If your house needs to be a custom designed plan, we require a design retainer based on the size and complexity of the house. For most custom homes this cost will be $2 per gross square foot. Gross square footage is calculated as the living area plus garage and porches. Some houses may have additional complexities requiring additional design hours. For these homes, we will charge an hourly design fee of $100. If you have questions on whether your modifications are custom or not, please feel free to call us to discuss your ideas in further detail.

At all times, before, during and after construction, plans produced by Connor Mill-Built Homes remain the sole property
of Connor Mill-Built Homes, LLC for the singular purpose of constructing a Connor Mill-Built home on your lot.