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The Connor Mill-Built Team is committed to providing a collaborative approach to your homebuilding process. We ensure top-notch professional customer service along every step of the way.


Michael C. Connor

Founder & Chief-Executive Officer

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Thomasina Magoon

Vice President of Operations


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Tracey Mancini

Vice President of Sales


Service has always been at the center of Tracey’s path, but you’d probably call her a ‘late bloomer’ to the building industry.  Having a natural affinity for the beauty of traditional homes her whole life and after renovating 2 homes; one new old and one old old-she serendipitously had a chance meeting several years ago with the then VP of Sales for Mike Connor.  After learning that she could actually have a career working for a company talking to folks about exactly what captured her spirit she practically ran through the door begging for a job in sales.  Tracey knows first- hand why building a new old home is way better than renovating and old old home!

Tracey hails from a small town outside of Boston and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Hospitality.  Her innate ability to help others and do what it takes to make sure everyone is taken care of lead her to the hotel industry and eventually led her to Vermont, by way of Hilton Head Island.  In Vermont, Tracey embraced the outdoor lifestyle and became an avid skier, cyclist and ultra-runner. Leaving the hotel industry behind she continued to get her Bachelor’s degree in Advocacy and a Certificate in Mediation along the way from Woodbury College.

These skills have proven useful and valuable in the emotional world of home building. Tracey knows the value in working together and maintaining communication to help guide folks back on the path to seeing the beauty in the design and integrity of the build that all clients get when they purchase a Connor Mill-Built Home.

In Tracey’s free time she is navigating her world with her husband and daughter and an old blind Jack Russell.  Tracey loves to mountain bike with her family and runs long distances in the woods navigating roots, rocks, bears, and moose; contemplating whether she loves Greek Revival millwork more than Federal.


Tabby Connor Gillim

Vice President of Business Development


Tabby has fond memories of taking family vacations to places like Sturbridge Village and Deerfield, sitting on the floor next to her mom’s drawing board and creating “floor plans” - which consisted of a lot of hallways and stairs - and of getting to spend days with her dad, driving around to job sites in the pickup truck. She’s always taken an interest in the family business and as a teenager helped research the family tree to name many of the houses.

In 2007, Tabby came to work for the company as it was rapidly expanding in Middlebury, Vermont and in 2008 launched a sales branch of the company in Leesburg, Virginia in order to serve a region of the country where sales were beginning to blossom. After a couple of years of growing sales in the mid-Atlantic, Tabby made the decision to pursue a degree in Real Estate Development with the goal of one day returning to the company with enhanced expertise to grow a different aspect of the business. After school, Tabby married and settled in New York City and put her plans to work for the family on hold while working as a Vice President in the Strategic Investments Group at New York City Economic Development. There she put her appreciation for small businesses and entrepreneurs to work in a different way, assisting companies access financial assistance through the New York City Industrial Development Agency, not-for-profit bond financing, the New Markets Tax Credit Program, and other tax incentives.

Today, Tabby is excited to be able to combine her love of new-old homes with experience in small business finance and real estate development for Connor Mill Built Homes. She is ramping up her involvement with the company as she balances life with two little boys and a lot of home improvement projects on her 1922 Sears kit Home! Tabby has a degree in Political Science from Middlebury College and a Masters degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.


Dick Patten

Vice President of Production


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Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Estimator and Purchasing Manager


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Pearl Teague

Financial Controller &

Director of Human Resources


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Kim Denis

Homes Sales Consultant


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Jaime Parmelee

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Executive Administrator &


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Avery Hamilton

Vice President of Design


Avery Hamilton grew up in Maine in a Victorian house that his parents restored to its’ original details, this process gave way for the inspiration for Avery to pursue his creative life path in architecture.

A graduate of Norwich University with a BA in Architecture, Avery began his career in coastal Connecticut working for a commercial architectural firm. While working only on commercial projects for his first three years, it was the unique assignment of a beach house design which validated Avery’s passion for residential architecture. Additionally, he found enjoyment the hands on one-to one approach working with residential clients versus commercial projects.

With this realization, Avery moved on to a residential Design-Build firm in Connecticut. The firm also had their own millshop, offering an opportunity to learn about millwork and cabinetry design and construction. Avery worked as a designer, builder and salesman, embracing this unique opportunity to expand his skills and knowledge of stair building and design. He says, “Often times architects struggle with getting stairs right, so they work and are buildable”. Using this position as a “step up” to secure a design position at the well-established Wadia Associates firm, in New Caanan, Connecticut. After four years of commuting four hours each day on the train, Avery could hear Vermont beckoning him home, louder and louder each day. He had fallen in love with Vermont while at Norwich and promised himself he would return and settle here.

For Avery, the Design-Build experience verified the shortcomings of traditional architectural services. These services often times incorporate the architect’s own interpretation and style into the design as well as not having the cost implications considered. Too often working with a traditional architect yields cost that are over budget, initiating “design-by-subtraction.” Now the client works backwards, making cuts and sacrifices, to design a house that fits their budget. The ideal situation for homeowners is a design-build, like Connor Mill-Built Homes, where costs are tracked from inception.

Avery resides in Bristol, Vermont with his fiancé, children, a dog and two cats. In his free-time he enjoys hiking, gardening, restoring his 1800’s home and spending time with his family.




Tom D' Muhala

Senior Architectural Designer


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Chas Carafiello

Chas Carafiello

Architectural Designer


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Chris Gordon

Mill Shops Production Manager

Safety Officer and Facilities Manager


Chris brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the various roles he carries within Connor Mill-Built Homes. Chris is one of a three-member shop production management team that oversees all aspects of the production of Connor Mill-Built Homes.

Chris oversees the milling of Connor Mill-Built Homes rough lumber before it’s sent over to the trim or cabinet shops and assist with the collabortation of scheduling production and staffing needs.

As Safety Officer, Chris is responsible for the safety of all employees and visitors. These responsibilities include adhering to VOSHA and OSHA compliance and certifications, filing accident reports, forklift training, and scheduling regular CPR training certifications. He has implemented several safety programs, one being the new employee orientation. This program informs new hires of the safety policies and resources. He also compiled the Employee Safety Manual.

From a young age, he was intent on having a career, and–it had to be one that he looked forward to coming to every day. When he was in high school, Chris spent all four years in the woodshop in addition to growing up working alongside his carpenter father; a trade he immediately realized he was passionate about. It allowed him to learn all aspects of construction, from framing to finish details.

With a consistently positive personality and a reliability others count on, Chris is a valuable asset to the Connor Mill-Built team. When asked about what he most loves about working for Connor Mill-Built Homes, Chris says, “There isn’t a day that I don’t like coming here, even on the bad days. I love the atmosphere, the people, and the product.”

Like many Vermonters, Chris volunteers in his community. Following in his father footsteps (a Middlebury Fire Department volunteer for over 25-years), he serves as First Assistant Chief for the Bridport Fire Department–a Firefighter One–a nationally recognized certification.

Residing with his family in Bridport since 2004, he enjoys spending his free time with his wife Tricia, 17-year-old daughter Tajah and 14-year-old son Levi, their two dogs, three cats, and two horses. He enjoys all Vermont’s seasons–riding his motorcycle, enduro bike, ATV, hunting and just plain old tinkering around.


Duke Whitney

Frame and Mill Shop Production Manager

Frame and Mill Shop Production Manager


Duke's bio will be coming very soon.

Duke's bio will be coming very soon.

Chris Haskell

Media Director


Chris's bio will be coming very soon.

Dave Nerbak

Dave Nerbak

Stairs and Specialty MillShop Craftsman


Billy Mitchell

Trim Shop Manager


Kevin Ouellette

Cabinet Shop Foreman


Lance Laraway

Finish Shop Foreman


Bill Gibbs



Dan Meehan

Frame Shop


Brandon Richards

Frame Shop


Gregory Whitney

Frame Shop


Chris Connor