Talking with Mike [Connor] the first time was a revelation; he was so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject of historic reproduction, and made the design process exciting and pleasurable. The second build was equally satisfying; Mike was less involved in the day-to-day details of the design and implementation of the package, but the architect we worked with, Avery, was wonderful. Knowledgeable, patient, helpful at every point.

Homeowner, Connecticut

We outreached to Connor and they were awesome from the start. We thought “panelized homes” and thought “slapped-together houses” and just the financial step to get out of your comfort zone was scary; then we got into it and everything changed. …[Connor Mill-Built Homes] just held our hand through the whole process, they were knowledgeable and not pushy, they established a relationship that worked at our pace. It didn’t feel like they were trying to heavy hand and make the pitch. We bought the land and then had to build. Their staff really put us at ease very quickly.

Homeowners, New York

I first heard about Connor 20 or 25 years ago…and I fell in love with their homes and told myself I would one day have a Connor Mill-Built Home. I followed them over the years and…I was drawn to their photos, but also the idea that you could have a new home that looks old. Our home has totally fooled people into thinking it’s old, but we’re able to get important updates on the inside (modern kitchen, open floor plan, bigger closets, etc.).

Homeowner, Vermont

I had some time between jobs so I decided to build one of the Simple Classic Homes. The shell arrived less than a month after I ordered it and it went up wicked-fast – I had it framed in four days. If I had been impressed before, I was blown away with the actual product. I’ve been custom stick building for 30 years and there is no way I can build a house with the same quality of materials and the architectural detail as a Connor Mill-Built Home for anywhere close to the price. Apples to apples, stick building takes longer and is less profitable.

If I could say just one word about Connor Mill-Built Homes and their mill built kits it would be ‘phenomenal’. I wish I’d done this five years ago.

Custom Builder, Vermont

I have spent the last week cleaning the house. Having touched every surface with a dust rag, I earned new appreciation for the detail and beauty of the house. I just can’t thank you enough. The place is absolutely beautiful! And it is a true work of art. I would like to thank you for an enjoyable experience from day One. Even though we knew very little about architecture, the Design Team respected our opinions and wishes, and we had a lot of fun during the extremely creative process. The building and the detailing are phenomenal. I don’t know exactly who is responsible for seeing to each and every thing, but I would like to send my thanks to each one of them.

Homeowner, Vermont

On a regular basis we get compliments on the house from friends, acquaintances and even strangers. When people ask where I live, I describe the location, and they usually say, “Oh I love that house”. Someone was running by recently and yelled out, “Best new construction in the area”. Our favorite is when people say “Your house is so pretty. It looks like it’s always been here” – the ultimate compliment and we hear it several times a month.

The most important thing is that we just love this house. It’s cozy for the two of us and roomy enough when our kids or friends visit. It’s just beautiful. Every day I pinch myself. It’s really mine! Thanks again.

Homeowner, Vermont

I knew as soon as I opened the door that this house would pass, look at the way these windows are framed, “…now that’s the way you are supposed to frame windows.” I asked if he would like to look at the second floor or in the crawl space, “No, this is the best constructed house I have seen for years, I don’t have to see any more.”

Comments from a homeowner’s 70-year-old house inspector, Virginia

I think one of the things that stood out for us having never built a home before, which was very scary, was hiring a contractor. When we started working with Connor Mill-Built Homes, they were an all-inclusive solution. While they do not erect the house on-site, they recommended a builder… and we just loved him. Part of the Connor [experience] was the relationship with him and how he approached the Connor home. Our builder and Connor Mill-Built Homes worked together and it really relieved the pressure. The property we bought was already subdivided and had to be built within two years and that was a lot of pressure, but once we started talking to Connor and our builder, everything just felt right. The architectural details were perfect and they created interior styles that work with our lifestyle.

Homeowners, Vermont

Within days of deciding which Simple Classic model to build, we had our plans submitted to our town’s building department for permitting. Our building inspector approved the plans upon first review and we broke ground the following week. Our neighbors were astonished at how quickly we had a weather-tight shell erected on site: after the first delivery from Connor Mill-Built Homes we had all exterior work complete within just a few weeks.

The end result is a beautiful, energy efficient home that looks like it has been in the neighborhood for over 100 years. We are complimented on how great it looks all the time. Best of all, despite the fact that we built a new house in the midst of a down housing market, the house appraised for significantly more than the cost of construction.

Homeowners, New Hampshire

As a professional real estate appraiser, I am often asked to give my opinion in a tax grievance, wherein a homeowner feels his home is over-valued by the town lister. When I arrived at the house, I said to the homeowner: “This is a Connor Mill-Built Home, is it not?”

The homeowner looked at me, smiling, and asked: “I’m not getting my appraisal reduced, am I?”

I replied: “No.”

An Appraiser’s Story, Vermont